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Having tried a number of SEO and PPC services and products with mediocre success we commenced with King Kong Digital's new SEO strategy. We liked the straight talking sales rep who had a good knowledge of SEO and of marketing small businesses, matching our needs with some innovative and cost effective solutions. The great thing about their SEO packages was, after the initial set up cost the ongoing costs are minimal, yet we will still receive google traffic and positioning on Google, leading to ongoing customer inquiries. Making this SEO strategy an excellent value long term solution for our business. We have gone from page 19 to page 1 in 7 months and by the end of year one we are confident we will be at the top of page one on Google for all the areas/ regions we service and wish to cover.

Owner of Multipest

We were approached by a Telco company for some new digital media products that they had launched, namely a digital video accompanied by an E-flyer that could be sent via email with the video embedded. We signed up but were very disappointed and it took them 4 months to do very little, they demonstrated a total lack of understanding of both our business and general marketing. Soon after doing some research we found King Kong Digital who were offering similar products at less than half the price. The examples we were shown were much better than those by Telstra and at less than half the price..... it was a no brainer. King Kong Digital got to know our business and really did a good job, drafting a story board and doing the video for us. We only had to make a few changes and we got 2 videos and change from what the Telco company was trying to charge us for 1. We definitely recommend King Kong Digital and are looking at their phone qualified databases and flyer packages as the next purchase.

Owner of Multipest

King Kong Digital Media has supplied us with an animated digital video to act as a talking brochure so to speak. They did this soon after I was approached by a National Telco company for a similar product. The quality is easily as good and was less than half the price. King Kong Digital's sales staff took the time to learn about my business, which enabled them to produce a video that was exceptionally close to what I wanted on the first go. Only a few basic changes were required to get it just right and it was turned around in exceptional time and communication throughout was good. I have had positive feedback from clients about the video already, sending it to my existing and new clients via email. Answering new and existing client questions and queries in a clear concise and professional format. Helping us win business and saving time on the phone. It also ensures that we don't forget to relay any important points or any of our services when dealing with customers.

Owner of Pacific Palms Real Estate

King Kong Digital supplied me with an Ecommerce website. I wanted my website redone with a better, more modern site to advertise my products and services as the current site was out dated and wasn't representing my business as well as it could. I had talked to other website agencies but they were either really expensive or wanted me to spend loads of time writing content and providing pictures. King Kong Digital did all the design, on site photographs and more importantly the content, which I had neither the time nor the inclination to do. This saved me a lot of aggravation and prevented me from loosing time I could be spending with clients. The website was 90% right after just 4 weeks and a few telephone conversations and emails. We just did 2 rounds of minimal and basic changes to get it perfectly how I wanted it. Very impressed certainly compared to other experiences I have had with web designers in the past and horror stories I have heard from friends. We are now looking into SEO and PPC with King Kong Digital as we want more traffic to the site and ultimately more customers. The team at King Kong Digital spent a lot of time getting to know and understand my business recognising my needs and wants, as well as demonstrating a strong understanding of my current client base and ascertaining how to reach potential new clients moving forwards.

Owner of Medical Products Australia